After the Rain

Title: After the Rain This was taken during the days when it has been raining for days in Manila. Once in awhile, the sky would take a few minutes break from crying. Bored and stuck at home, I grab my camera and roamed around the house to find a good subject, and when I peaked... Continue Reading →


Title: Playtime While walking around Intramuros with a friend of mine, I come across to these children playing by the side of the street. A pretty common sight here in the Philippines. I stopped and held out my camera to take their picture, just in time, as one of the kid looked at me after... Continue Reading →

Boy in a Bike

Title: Boy in Bike This picture was also shot during our Photography class last April 2018. Our main objective that day was to take pictures of the sunset at Manila Bay. We only got few minutes of window of time to take our pics of the sunset. So when our instructor told us that it's... Continue Reading →

The Passenger

Title: The Passenger So it was during our Photography class, back in April 2018, when we had a small photo contest as we capture people along Roxas Boulevard and Malate Church. The place was buzzing with people. And to our luck, there is even a wedding happening. We got lot of beautiful subjects to capture.... Continue Reading →

The Fisherman/Fishing By The Bay

Finally, I have a blog! 🎉🎉🎉 To commemorate the Munchflicks Creative birthday, here's a photo I took before at Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard.  Title: The Fisherman/Fishing By The Bay This picture was taken in Manila Bay. This man holding a fishing rod, standing by the seawall while looking at the sea is quite a sight... Continue Reading →

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